The Best Digital Piano

Unsure which digital piano is the best for you? Fear not – this guide will prepare you for a confident walk down the piano aisle!   Whether or not you’re just starting out, purchasing an instrument is exciting, and helps you commit to your musical journey. As stationary instruments, digital pianos

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Best Digital Pianos with Weighted Keys

What are the best digital pianos with weighted keys? If you’re asking yourself that question – you’re in the right place! A digital piano is a smart option because it’s a great compromise between the piano and keyboard. Weighed keys on a digital piano make it feel as though you’re

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Learn to Play Piano the Digital Way!

Learn to play piano

In today’s world, we can do almost anything we want through our phones or computers. Technology has given us a shortcut to most of our daily activities, improving our lives and making expanding our horizons a matter of downloading an application. Not everything has advanced as much, though. Some skills

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High Tech Instruments that will Change How You Play

High Tech Insrtuments

5 Amazing new instruments that will change your music! With technology changing at a breakneck pace on what seems like a daily basis, it’s crazy to think that we still make music on the same instruments we were using hundreds, and even thousands of years ago. Guitars, violins, pianos, and

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NAMM 2016!  Crazy, exciting, and exhausting!

NAMM 2016

As the scope of music making expands, so do the number of brands that depend on the NAMM Show platform to unveil new products. According to NAMM statistics, this year’s show was the largest and most inclusive event in the National Association of Music Merchants’ (NAMM) 115-year history. A record

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The Recipe to Create Emotions Using Music

music emotions

Music can make us feel different emotions, can channel our emotions, can help and encourage us to feel, and can really have a hold on us emotionally. There are a lot of elements that determine how music affects us—basically every event in our lives affects how we experience music. Different

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