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Studying music isn’t like most majors. It’s not about facts, numbers, and details. Music education is about culture, people, rhythm, and life, and so the place in which you study this art can have a significant impact on how you learn. Here are 4 countries that excel at instilling in students an appreciation, understanding, and in-depth, hands-on perspective on what music is all about. Now that’s an education.


Bard College Conservatory Orchestra

Austria is the pinnacle of classical music, both in essence and in practice. Vienna and Salzburg are both major hubs for musical conservatories, including the world-renowned Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Birthplace to many famous composers such as Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, and Schubert, this ornate country is bursting with a rich musical heritage. Students focusing on performing arts, music composition, and classical music will find everything they dreamed of at schools such as the Salzburg College and Vienna Center for Music.


Milan Music School

You can’t have a discussion about musical study without talking about Italy. The birthplace of so many aspects of modern day music, Italy has it all from opera to vocal classics, instrumentals, symphony, and beyond. With great names such as Vivaldi, Puccini, and Verdi, you know Italians have music running through their veins. Students should direct their attention to the music conservatories in Milan or Florence for an unbeatable musical study program abroad.


Ghana Music School

If you are looking for an entirely different perspective to music education and appreciation, then Ghana is a wonderful place to land. Become inspired by the deeply-moving African pulse, and study up on unique musical theory such as improvisation and Highlife, a mashup of tribal chants with modern sounds and instruments. While you won’t get a degree in music from the Accra Music Center, you will gain new levels of appreciation for different cultures, sounds, and people, and that’s certainly something you can take home with you.



If you’re a homebody, you can still reap the benefits of superior music education by attending some of the finest universities for musical arts right in your own backyard. Major universities in America such as Harvard, Cornell, Berklee, and Princeton offer a range of music majors, facilities like Ethnomusicology labs, and programs geared towards developing budding musicians into the next generation of performers, composers, and aficionados. And that’s not even mentioning the universities that specialize in musical education like Julliard. And besides, what place could be better to learn about the ever-evolving and fluid art of music than the melting pot of cultural diversity?

Want to travel more? Want to learn more? Music programs abound, so you can visit Japan, Ghana, England, the Netherlands, Brazil, and other top musical destinations. Set your heart to the beat, and let the music lead the way!

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