Happy Birthday Mozart!

In honor of the composers birthday today we wanted to test your skills to see, how well do you know Mozart? Take this quiz to find out and share your knowledge with your friends, family and fellow music lovers! 

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One comment: On Happy Birthday Mozart!

  • *symphonies, not symphony’s. Apostrophes are not plurals.

    And his full name was not Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. That’s the common misconception. His full name was Johann Chrysostom Wolfgang Theophilus Mozart. His baptism certificate uses the fully latinized version of those names, “Joannes” and “Chrysostomus” and “Wolfgangus”. Theophilus” is greek for “god love”. (Whether that’s loved by god, or love for god).

    The first two names are his “Christian names” used for baptism. The third is the ‘given name’ and what his friends would call him. In common day to day use, he often used the German translation of Theophilus as his ‘middle’ name — Gottlieb. But he also liked using an Italian version, Amadeo. He’d also Francify it a bit and use Amadé.

    “Amadeus” is the latinized version of Theophilus. But the use of that version was extremely rare until his death. Gradually over the 19th century it caught on to be the most common version used. But it’s not one he used himself.

    And in any case, whatever form of Theophilus/Gottlieb/Amade/Amadeus you choose to use, in no way shape or form is “Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart” his FULL name.

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