The Best Underrated Keyboard Acts at Coachella 2016

One of the best things about learning to play piano online is that it gives you flexibility. You can choose how to use your time, you can learn piano chords fast, and you can discover great new sounds that will influence your own musical identity. Sometimes, you can even combine your love of learning and having awesome times by taking in a great show.

However, watching a single band is so boring. Why not check out 90? Coachella is one of the biggest music festivals in the world, spanning two weekends, several stages, and some of the best music acts around. If you’re looking for the best way to learn piano, you won’t do much better than watching some awesome musicians do what they do best while you rock out!

Check out these great and underrated keyboard acts at Coachella and get your inspiration game on!

Miami Horror

This synth-pop quartet will take you back to the 80s in the best possible way. With keyboard heavy sounds right out of Miami Vice and a penchant for simple and catchy songs, this Australian band is at its best mixing traditional sounds with electronic styles and minimalistic beats. Miami Horror is sure to get you dancing immediately!



One of the very few jazz acts to grace any of Coachella’s stages, BadBadNotGood is actually quite the opposite. With sounds ranging from more ethereal tunes to traditional jazz sounds, this quartet features some truly inventive use of digital and acoustic pianos to really push musical boundaries. This is a great way to mellow out after an intense set.



Indie trio Chvrches is all about electronic instruments. From synths to drum pads to 808s, the band’s catchy tunes are a perfect example of electro-pop done right. The synths and keyboards might sound simple, but they perfectly complement the music and make for some memorably catchy tunes. Chvrches energy will have you moving like crazy the whole time you listen.


Matt and Kim

At this point essentially elder statesmen in the indie pop game, Matt and Kim’s keyboard sounds are bouncy and always on the upbeat side. Their shows are packed with great energy and chill vibes with their incredibly catchy piano melodies making it impossible not to smile and want to dance!


Rufus du Sol

Rufus–the “du Sol is only in America–toes the line between electro-pop and house music. What’s always present though are some silky smooth piano chords that are sure to elicit some spontaneous dancing. This is a great set to catch when you’re looking to take the energy of your day in a more chill direction.


GoGo Penguin

The second jazz ensemble to make this list, this jazz trio steers towards the more traditional jazz. Featuring bass, drums and piano, the awesomely named GoGo Penguin also features an amazing collection of musicians, as well as a truly talented pianist. The band is a great way to change up the mood of your Coachella experience!


Don’t miss out! Catch some of the best keyboard acts out there, and use any of our apps to learn piano easily!

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