The Best Stress free Business Practices for Your Studio

Teaching piano has often been thought to be a rewarding career, but not one in which you can make a consistent living. However, all of that has changed given the sound business advice that Wendy Stevens, among others, have been teaching. As a matter of fact, Wendy offers a lot of that advice for free on her blog, but is currently offering two jam-packed online piano business workshops this week (If you can’t make it, you can access a recording) and she’s giving away two coupon codes at the bottom of this post! The first workshop is called, The Best Stress-free Business Practices for Your Studio.

This workshop will help you learn how to:

*Earn a healthy income
*Maintain a consistent income (get paid the same every month!)
*Determine what to charge in your area
*Eliminate make up lessons that rob you of income
*Take time from teaching for illness and emergencies without losing income
*Implement your new policies without a revolt!
*Communicate effectively with parents

And more…

Sara Campbell, popular piano teaching blogger, has said implemented these changes and says, “Because of this training, in the past 4 years I’ve increased my studio income 54%, and I’m projected to increase it an additional 23% in 2015!” You can read more here.

The second workshop should be really helpful since we all just paid so many taxes! Wendy is inviting a business attorney to present on legal business issues and she will presenting about new ways of marketing that are working wonders for gaining new students.

The workshop is called, “Marketing, Taxes, Business Entities, and Liability” and Wendy and the business attorney will teach you:

*New marketing strategies that are working wonders
*What’s really connecting with people in an overstimulated world
*Business entities that could help you save money in taxes
*Liability issues for piano teacher and what to do about it.

Wendy also has some great tips on what to do with students who stay too late or come too early in her other videos, just in case you have that issue in your studio! Her blog is packed with business tips and advice, but these workshops package in an efficient method of implementing changes that can make a huge difference in your bottom line.

Here’s Wendy to tell you more:

Here are coupon codes to help save you money on these workshops.
Enter this in the Coupon Code box at checkout:

Buying one? “Joytunes” will get you $10 off
Buying both? “JoytunesBoth” will get you $20 off
Both of these coupons expire on May 15th!

Register for the workshops!

Here’s to making piano teaching not only emotionally rewarding, but financially rewarding as well!

Will you be attending the workshop? Leave your comments below.

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