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A Complete Piano History

Piano history isn’t common knowledge, even though it’s the most popular instrument among musicians. Few know of the countless lives lost during the first and second Dulcimer Wars. Yet, even those events pale compared to the Harpsichord Revolution, which forever changed the instrument’s fate. Seriously though, the modern piano we

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Why Playing Piano Is a Brain Booster

Piano playing is a natural and reliable means of sharpening your mind. Learn how this brain booster works in this short article. In many ways, music is just like a drug. Instead of inhaling or ingesting it, our brains absorb the sound waves. These vibrations can take us on an

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What are Diatonic Chords?

Want to play diatonic chords? You’ll need to master the major scale. This article explores all possibilities for making diatonic harmony. The word diatonic means “strictly within a key.” Diatonic harmony is all about using only the notes of a particular scale to create chords. This is one of those

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5 Ways Music Makes You Smarter

Did you know that playing an instrument can help your brain work better? Let’s looks at several studies and learn how music makes you smarter. It seems that musicians are often brilliant people. So, do smart people gravitate toward music as tall people toward basketball? Or, does playing an instrument

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