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Four-Hand Piano: History, Works & How to Play

What is a four-hand piano? This article will tell you everything you need to know about this technique.  You’re probably saying to yourself – what, playing piano with two hands isn’t complicated enough?!  Don’t freak out. There’s no need to rush into anything that feels like it’s out of your

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7 Most Famous Piano Composers

Who are the most famous classic and modern piano composers of all time? From Ludwig van Beethoven to Frédéric Chopin, here is the list of the greatest composers.  It turns out that fame isn’t something we can measure — creating a list of the most famous composers of all time

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The 5 Best Piano Apps for Beginners

Discover and compare the best apps for beginners to learn piano in 2022. Download your favorite and start learning piano today at your own pace. The piano is a great instrument to learn. It’s fun, relaxing, and will help you develop hand-eye coordination and your brain. There are many piano

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How to Tune a Guitar With a Piano

Everybody goes a little out of tune sometimes. Is it possible to tune your guitar using a piano? Is it preferable to use a keyboard? Stay tuned.  Guitars are temperamental instruments. They go in and out of tune because the strings loosen and tighten according to the air and the

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How to Play an Octave on Piano

Want to know how to play an octave on piano? Learn all about their structure and function in this guide.   Before we learn to play an instrument, we hear all sorts of musical lingo thrown around. Scales, chords, notes, octaves – what does it all mean?  Acquiring the language of

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Our Selection of the Best Piano Brands

A list of the best piano brands, with information about each company and the pianos they make. From Bösendorfer to Steinway & Sons, here is our ranking. Buying a piano is an investment. Not only are you exchanging your hard-earned money for a musical instrument, but you’re committing your time

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