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How to Write a Hip Hop Song

If you want to learn how to write a hip-hop song, start by studying the fundamentals. A catchy chorus and a nice beat are great for any aspiring artist. Did you know world-renowned hip-hop artist P Diddy was once a backup dancer? Yes, you could see him making moves for

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How to Sing Beautiful Harmonies

Nailing harmonies requires a trained ear and solid timing. Learn how to skillfully sing them with these helpful tips. Practically every genre of music harnesses the power of harmonies, from holiday carols and hymns to your favorite pop song. You can recognize harmonies when two or more voices sing in

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Playing the Eb Minor Chord (D# Minor) on Piano

Take your piano playing up a level and learn everything you need to start playing the Eb minor chord.  Playing melodies on the piano is cool, but things get serious when you start playing chords. Chords carry with them so many variations, positions, and permutations. This can be exciting but

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Playing the C# Minor (Db Minor) Chord on Piano

Trying to get your head around chords? Keep reading, and learn to play the C#/Db minor chord in every variation and form.  Learning chords can be repetitive and confusing. They all sound similar but different. They all use the same formula but appear in different shapes on the piano. Finding

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Playing the B Minor Chord on Piano

Trying to play a song with a B minor chord? Be sure to look at this guide to playing B minor in all its variations! The piano is a world of musical possibilities. Chords can be kind of scary for beginners. Where to begin? Take a deep breath – once

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A Guide to Major Modes

This guide to the major modes introduces some deep dark music secrets. Get inside one of the more complex and mysterious precepts of music theory. Modes are an advanced concept in music theory that gives birth to exciting and diverse scales. These sounds blow your musical possibilities wide open. Their

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