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Acrosonic Piano: All You Need to Know

For everyone looking to learn more about the acrosonic piano, this is a comprehensive guide to its history, main characteristics, value, and different models. There are many piano formats and styles, and almost every prominent piano brand is dropping bills to create an instrument that stands out from the rest. 

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The Ultimate Guide to Stride Piano

Want to learn the art of stride piano? In this article, we’ll explain the history of stride piano and give you tools to stride along with its swinging, grooving rhythm. The beautiful thing about music is its evolution over the centuries. Like an endless stream of babushka dolls, each one

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The Complete Guide to Jazz Chords Piano

Want to spice up your jazz chords? Here is a complete list of the most common ways to make your chords snazzy and juicier than you could imagine.  When you first start playing piano, every note you touch feels like colors. The sensation of the keys under your fingers feels

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Everything You Must Know About Piano Strings

What are piano strings for? How many does a piano have? In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about piano strings. Pianos have their roots in the keyboard and percussion family tree. While there certainly is some hammer-action, the sound source comes from precisely coiled strings. Piano

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Blind Piano Players: Top 5 Greats of All Time

Check out this article about the five greatest blind piano players of all time, from Stevie Wonder to Ray Charles. Learn about how their life of darkness became the key to the light they shared with the world.  Many great masters advise their students: to set their eyes on the

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